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Mile Square Labs

A global revenue agency focused on growing late seed to series-funded technology companies. Before founding the company, our team invested 2 years researching the challenges of start-ups (in all stages) in order to create services that better operationalize sales efforts and grow revenue. Our experts address your people, product and current sales-process, coaching your team to victory through a proven model of leadership and insights.

Mile Square Labs team has built and scaled sales teams at companies like Apple, Fundera, IAC (Evite, Citysearch, Ticketmaster, Expedia), LivingSocial, Yahoo!, Yelp, Yodle ( as well as several other tech start-ups from Sweden to San Francisco you're likely familiar with.

Mile Square Labs Services

Our expert team of technology and start-up leaders provide growth partner services 


We help motivate, hire and accelerate your people


We help understand your services, product-market, and how to sell it.


We integrate and iterate on systems and operations to create more velocity


We help start-ups improve operations & accelerate growth

"Mile Square Labs has been an excellent resource for helping GoParrot define and build the initial sales playbook and sales operations. The team was quick to understand our particular situation, challenges, identifying areas of improvement, and provide clear, tailored hands-on advice based on their leveraged experience and expertise. It is clear that the team is talented in the area of local sales and partnership sales. The team helped us improve our sales approach, build a strong pipeline and be better prepared to hire salespeople. If you're a late seed or series A start-up founder without sales experience, you should have a talk with Tom and Preston."

"Tom is someone that truly brings his A game everyday. He always lead by example, works hard, drives results, and you can rely on him for anything. He surpasses every goal put in front of him, always helps people around him, and truly goes above and beyond to help his team, company, and fellow employees. I would highly recommend him."

[on Tom's role growing sales at Yodle, LivingSocial and Fundera]

"During my time at Yelp, Preston was a leader many of us looked up too. I was lucky to work next to him for 4 years in New York, but had known about his knack for winning against tough odds early in my career when I was still in local sales at Yelp in SF.

Yelp always had a conflicted relationship with Display and Brand advertising, which often meant that Display was an afterthought. It was a "necessary evil" so to speak, meaning it was the last to get love from engineering, product, marketing, etc. 

Display Advertising on Yelp was competing with so many major players like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and Preston's team kept winning through sheer grit and tenacity, and creativity."

[on Preston's role building Yelp's Brand Solutions]


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